Hello and thank you for your interest!

* Hi 5 Maine supports our Veterans and Medically ill community.

To use BHO we need a minimum of 3 lbs. Anything under 3 lbs. is ran through the rotovap with exception to bubble hash, hash rosin, live hash rosin. Hi 5 Maine will work with you just let us know what your needs are. If you do not see something on this list it does not mean that we are unable to accommodate your needs. This is a base price list. Our product and processes are below. Hi 5 Maine cares about our customer base. If testing is needed our prices does not include related fees.

Dry Trim and or Bud

  • Dry 170.00 per pound
  • Fresh Frozen 135.00 per pound

All discounts apply here also


Processing includes 3-5 DAYS of oven time to remove solvents and. Hi 5 Maine can create shatter, batter, sugar, caviar Diamonds and Pyrex tech using a BHO process.


Our processors can also run your crude into RSO, or distillate using an ethanol process.

170.00 per pound

We work as diligently as possible allowing our patients and caregiver's to get there products back into their hands.

  • Diamonds /Sauce

We can run 3 ways. The most popular way would be Pyrex tech diamonds. We can use the diamond miner to create your own seed diamonds. We can do also use Jar tech that take about 2 to 6 weeks.

* This does not include testing.

  • Rotovap for RSO

Many patients need RSO for there medicine. We will wash and rotovap your own product or product you have purchased into Rick Simpson oil. Hi 5 Maine will provide discounts however that needs to be discussed with administration. We will also rotovap and get your product ready for the short path or oven depending on what product you as the customer are looking for. Testing is not included.

  • Short path for distillate

Our processors can turn your crude that you drop off into distillate this covers the 2 processors in the room use of our inventory to repackage, filter, color remediate and whichever solvents are needed to accomplish this task. Testing is not included. However, we do offer testing at cost.

  • Cartridges

C-cell THC oil certified cartridges. We use our oil and have natural terpenes infused so we use no byproducts or fillers. We typically have our carts filled at a half gram however if we process your oil and you pay for the service to have carts made, we can have our carts filled with 1 gram. The half gram is your best solution to prevent clogs.

  • Gram up your product

We charge by the hour for labor. 30 per hour plus the use of our inventory that is needed to separate and gram your products.

  • Solvent Free Products

We do offer solvent free processing please call for pricing.

What if I am not satisfied with Hi 5 Maine?

If you are not satisfied with our process please call Thomas Maldonado or Dena Hargis at 602-825-9831. Thomas and Frank Berenyi is the owner of Hi 5 Maine and Dena his his administrative assistant.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

YES! we give 5 dollars off per pound on your first time with Hi 5 Maine.